Memories of Vailsburg

2016.05.06, 01:45:25 Vailsburg 1970 - 1980 by Mike Helminski
2016.05.06, 01:42:35 The Vailsburg Phantom by Evelyn Guarino
2016.05.05, 23:56:07 Ivy Hill Apartments by Jule Spohn
2016.05.05, 23:48:46 Vailsburg Memories by Diane (Dee) (Rosant) Wunder
2016.05.05, 14:32:00 Vailsburg Memories by Richard Wassmer
2016.05.05, 14:25:37 Memories of Old Newark by Ann Marie Keim
2016.05.04, 23:46:13 Vailsburg by John Desranleau
2016.05.04, 23:39:44 May 1969 - Offical Senior Cut Day (Vailsburg H.S) by John Desranleau
2016.05.04, 18:48:03 Hey, We Vailsburgians are Alive and Kicking! by Linda Anonymous
2016.05.04, 18:38:32 My Newark Memories by Anthony Cerqueira
2006.04.21, 11:57:33 Newark, Vailsburg, a touch of Heaven on earth. by Bill Suskevich
2006.03.04, 18:58:36 Mr. Connelly by John Desranleau
2006.02.23, 18:44:31 Selected Memories from Vailsburg by jerry arnone
2006.02.06, 14:27:52 The Trunk Sewer and Soap Box Racing in Vailsburg by Bill Juliano
2006.02.04, 21:01:13 Fond Memories of Schofield Street, Mount Vernon School, & Vailsburg by Barbara Marin
2006.01.27, 22:35:03 Born to be a Newarker by Rosemary Dubois
2005.11.14, 20:46:55 Down the Sewer on Underwood Street by Linus Deeny
2005.09.13, 19:19:39 Memories of Vailsburg by AnnaMarie Iorio/Wright
2005.07.07, 14:39:23 Alexander Street School and Boylan Street Pool by Nancy Mockridge/Dietel
2005.05.19, 13:40:58 Vailsburg by Sue Schaefer/D'Amato
2005.05.15, 23:23:09 Vailsburg by Joe Ricciardi
2005.04.28, 01:55:07 Alexander Street School by Francine Klemens
2005.04.13, 22:05:16 Patrol boy by Greg Boose
2005.03.26, 18:04:44 Zeigler's by Teresa MacIver Pfeiffer
2004.12.26 Vailsburg by Robert M. Hahn
2004.10.26 Vailsburg, The Salt of the Earth by Tom O'Gorman
2004.07.12 Vailsburg Memories Part 2 by Hank Przybylowicz
2004.07.12 Vailsburg Memories by Hank Przybylowicz
2004.05.04 Holy Sepulchre and the Hoffman Bottle by Anne (Himmelberger) Caruso
2004.01.05 Response to Patrol Boy by Harry Capko
2003.10.05 Indians by Charles McGrath
2003.08.08 Vailsburg by Milly (Krieger) Estrin
2003.06.04 Mysteries of South Orange Avenue by Charles McGrath
2003.05.16 The Rock of Vailsburg by Charles McGrath
2003.05.12 Ivy Street School by Jim Bates
2003.05.06 Meadow Brook by Charles McGrath
2003.04.14 Pat's Deli by Charles McGrath
2003.04.14 Vailsburg Leader by Charles McGrath
2003.02.20 Auditorium by Charles McGrath
2003.01.16 Poor Boxes by Charles McGrath
2003.01.15 Chicken Markets by Charles McGrath
2003.01.12 Hollywood in Newark by Charles McGrath
2003.01.12 Monsignor Conroy (1899-1970) by Charles McGrath
2003.01.05 The Rag Man by Charles McGrath
2002.12.30 Pushing a Broom by Charles McGrath
2002.12.28 Winter by Charles McGrath
2002.12.09 The Elizabeth River Pt 2 (Trunk Sewer circa 1950) by Charles McGrath
2002.12.04 The Elizabeth River by Charles McGrath
2002.12.02 Response to Patrol Boy by George Burgey
2002.12.01 Response to Butter Gems by Don Randolph
2002.11.13 Phantom of Vailsburg by Charles McGrath
2002.11.11 The Bianco Lina Man by Charles McGrath
2002.11.11 Patrol Boy by Charles McGrath
2002.11.11 Alexander School and Vailsburg by Saul M. Caro
2002.10.28 Butter Gems by Charles McGrath
2002.01.21 Vailsburg by Ann Marie Giordano
2002.01.08 Vailsburg by Donna Turovac
2001.01.16 Vailsburg by Sharon
2000.05.24 Vailsburg by Marjorie Moran Martin