The Thoughts of Peter Grimm Part 1

by Peter Grimm


I worked at the Little Theatre as an usher, I was the only one with a flashlight. My views were better than the Empire Burlesque.

If you have nothing to do try Nigbo, China. Then hit on guest book you will come back here, when I am in Nigbo this is very handy. Then if you feel really adventurous type shanghai classifieds, millions of chinese speak and write english, their grammar is better then mine, and they speak like Americans

I was a water boy and a hot rivet carrier and you know that I am a Mohawk. You know where i did my job High Iron, it's the first miss step that you try to avoid, it's a bummer.

How about running over a bridge, trying to escape a inferno? Who remembers Waren Maritime on Doreumus Ave., I was in the john reading a magazine when the roof was blown off, got up on the bridge only to be almost knocked into the river by a train engineer, bravely pulling tankers of propane out of that mess not one got killed in that accident block long propane tanks were shooting off like rocket ships, brave me I would not return for my pay.

You should of seen what I seen at ground zero, I was caught excuse the pun with my pants down, the roof blew off, then the roof came tumbling down, and I was sitting on a toilet bowl in that inferno, sorry charlie my brain shuts down, as a grateful block when I try to remember that time frame.

We had 5 workers including myself, no one was hurt. one tank went into a factory went down assembly line, singed hair. 1 tank almost took out an air liner those tanks were a block long.

When I was 10 our troop marched to Calahans, his tug took us to Hudson River. He gave each one of the scouts $i.oo that lasted us week on the ferry.

How about the garbage trucks that the men would be inside dumping the cans as they were loaded through the side. I drove fours horses delivering Ballantine's Beer downtown Newark. It was a keg wagon by myself. Ballantine's hired 18 year old boys so the bartenders would not give us beer to drink.

Did you buy your computer new? If so run your start up disk. It will remove all down to your hard drive. The free lunch cost a nickel, nothing is free. I am a pro in getting screwed. I have been screwed and tattooed all the way to china and back. If I can not pay for it I do not want it and I will not pick up soap.

I let the chips fall where they may. My favorite teacher was PT Barnum, you make a good listener and you ask good questions. While earning my degrees I was working at all kinds of occupations but it is all factual and I must be true to my word it happened.

Do you remember buying a box of stale candy in hopes of finding a Ronson lighter or 2 pictures male & female that you took home and in the privacy you moved them over a lamp and nothing happened? You felt cheated, well I am the guy that sold you the candy.

I never would go to a indian town and play with the puppies. They knew that I was a vegan from go my totem is the wolf and he is a dog, I can not eat a spirit of any living being but i stand alone the chinos eat cats that's where SARS came from.

I am a vegan for 50 years, I have 100+ Chinese friends. There will never be a time that I will eat in their home. If a restaurant was serving cats there would be a line around the world. I always thought that everyone knew Chinese restaurants served cats.

I live partly in Shanghai, China. I have a neighbor all of 90 plus in years. He reads our journal, he insists that 300 chinese families lived on mulberry st. This is the last time I will speak of this. Does anyone know of this, I was very young when they were run out of town for putting cats in their chowmein. Cats are a special treat to Chinese people, one thing there are no wild dogs and cats here in Shanghai. They are eaten.

Having lost my transmission in a semi going down EAGLE ROCK AVE, I can say I was there do the best you can.

Please forgive my upsetting your stomach's, but but as a vegan I have trouble with the flesh eating habits of others. All cultures eat different. A big majority of the world eats worms, if that shocks you read what's in those vienna hot dogs in the can.

I was Peskins best customer. North was the Acme food market across the street was bank next was the chop stick inn going south across Bloomfield Ave was a ice cream parlor, site of first date with my wife 55 years ago there was a movie there also incentdently there were trolleys and the streets were paved with hand cut cobble stones.

Hannon’s Blinds were, I believe, on the triangle Broad and Broadway. There was also a Venetian blind store they had a sign on their truck: "Caution blind man driving" we used that sign as a joke, how can a blind man drive a truck.

I met my wife in a row boat in Branch Brook Park in 1947. We are wed 52 years this August. She is my best friend.

I lived in Newark 1931 moved 1969, worked for Pemex Mexico 19 years as ceo, hired any person from Newark 69 of them I miss you all.

No one mentions Greenberg Auction or the guy who sold green sneakers, during the war years, made of cardboard made to look like leather no stamps great un till it rained, still remember walking through grand central 10 years old with green feet.

Does anyone know where I can buy or steal, circa 1950, a loaf of Hebrew National Rye Bread, Italian Bread, a hot dog & Potato dripping with grease on a half round bread. A Stashes sandwich, an ice from Ting-A-Ling's, beans and pasta from Lucy on Orange Street. God I miss you people, I am a displaced person from Newark.

A few years back while working for the Mexican government, was part of national inventory No. 9 trolley was still rolling, flew P38, Wild Cat, Zero, Ford, Tri-motor

Does anyone except myself remember the wooden trolleys with those reversible cane seats to Olympic Park or to Dreamland. We were strangers to each other. Can you imagine 1000 people all singing that song at the same time and all strangers. That's how I lived, the Hurdy Gurdy Man with his monkey, no fighting, all boys had knives for carving.


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