Catering Halls

by Jule Spohn


How many remember all of the great catering halls we had here in Newark?

Here is a list from my 1961 phone book:

THOMM'S on Park Ave; CORONET on Springfield Ave; HOUSE FOR BRIDES on South Orange Ave; OLD COLONIAL INN on Broad Street; STEINER'S on Clinton Ave; CONTINENTAL BALLROOM on Broad Street; FORREST HILL CATERING SERVICE on Bloomfield Ave; LIBERTY HALL on 16th Ave; TERRACE ROOM in the Mosque Theater; BIASE'S on Bloomfield Ave; CARLTON ROOM in the Hotel Carlton; CLINTON MANOR CATERERS on Clinton Ave; ESSEX HOUSE on Broad Street; ROBERT TREAT HOTEL on Park Place; STEINER'S on Clinton Ave; TEEVAN'S on Roseville Ave; CLIPPER SHIP on Roseville Ave; ZIG' RESTAURANT on Central Ave; and the TAVERN and STASH'S in the Weequahic Area.

In addition to these here in Newark here are some of the others in the surrounding areas: ALPINE CATERERS in Irvington; CLUB DIANA in Union; CLUB NAVAHO in Irvington; CRYSTAL LAKE CASINO on Eagle Rock Ave in West Orange (I had my High School Graduation there); ROD'S STEAK HOUSE (remember that one - the railroad car) on Eagle Rock Ave in West Orange; THE FOUNTAIN in Bellville; HAWAIIAN PALMS in Harrison; MAYFAIR FARMS in West Orange; SPRINGFIELD STEAK HOUSE in Springfield; THE SPANISH TAVERN on Rt 22 in Springfield; KARTZMAN'S in Irvington.

I'm sure that there are other's that I've not included. What were your favorites - perhaps you had your weddings, first communion, confirmation, birthday's, bar mitzvah's, etc. at some of these places.

Also, many of the bars and taverns had back rooms that they rented out for private parties - the one I'm thinking of right now was the West End Bar on South Orange Ave next door to the Roscommon House between 10th and 11th Streets.

John Kelleher:
How about Ann Gordons on Elizabeth Ave

Hi Jule: I worked at the Old Colonial Inn, great job. I also went to almost all the other places at one time or another.

John V:
How can you forget "The Branch Brook Manor"
I had my reception at the Club Navaho, Irvinton...9/11/65

John V:
Here's a biggie...."The Chanticlair", either Maplewood or Millburn

John V:
Couple of add-ons
Bow and Arrow
Manor, West Orange "AAAAAAAAAA"

Frank C:
Hi Jule, My Second Cousin owned the Colonial Inn. I had many dinners there. I also worked at the Branch Brook Manor for 1 week as a dish washer in 1956. I was 16 years old, I decided to change my occupation after that.

Whitey... Chicago:
Jule, I need to correct you on one minor point...the Hawaiian Palms was actually in Lyndhurst just a short distance from Harrison. It began as a neighborhood tavern in the 40's called Hawaiian Joe's. It was owned by a family friend, Joey Kraft, who later transformed it into a very successful catering business called the Royal Hawaiian Palms

yes, The Hawaiian Palms was in Lynhurst. We had our wedding reception there almost 26 years ago. The place was sold and turned into an insurance brokers offices. I think it is vacant now.

Cathy Blume (Grabowski):
My mom did catering work for Jack Bendett's Catering, Lyons Ave.

The Chanticlair is in Short Hills, and Bob Dandrea and his group (name unknown) sang Darling Lorraine at the Garden House in Lyndhurst, before they became popular.

Barbara and Gene Taylo:
We had our wedding reception at the Club Navaho 10/17/59, they served a complete roast beef dinner. It cost $7.50 a person!! We had our pictures done by Lorston Studio, andyone remember them? From Broad ST., I think.

Mary Ellen:
Hi Jule and everyone! I remember Lorstons Studio very well. I had my first child's pictures taken there as did every young family in the area. Great pictures too. The Royal Hawaiian Palms was where the office of the bank went for a banquet, I think it was a Christmas party. It was so beautiful then and so different then any other place.
The Essex House was there my mom took me to see Abbys Irish Rose, I think it was in 1952, give or take a yr. There were so many very nice places to go to...and rest assured you had a great time. I also went to the Continental Ballroom...I think it was a country and western show. Since I am not a country type of lady...I remember it but not as well as I should have. Was on a was nice but not my kind of time. A lot of those places I am sure I went to through the years...I do know that I had a good time.

John Kelleher:
Dons 21
My wife's aunt Josie (Paone) Romeo was a waitress there for over 25 years and her cousin Rosemarie (Paone) Marinaro worked as a waitress as well and Millie Spatro was the hat check girl for years.

John Kelleher:
There was Dunphy's Hawaiian Palms in Harrison on 4th and Cleveland Ave.

Hey Everyone, Lets not leave out the "Club Diana" in Springfield. Out front was the elegant statue of Diana with bow and arrow in hand.

Jule Spohn:
Here's a few other restaurants we haven't covered yet: Pal's Cabin; May Fair Farms; Friar Tuck Inn in Cedar Grove; Twins Rest n Park Place; The Roost on Fulton St; one of the first restaurants I went to with my parents was Cortese down neck at 47 Ferry Street; the Star Rest on 15th Ave; Rocco's on 18th Ave; and the Reservoir on 14th Ave.

Also, we were talking about Tad's Steak House on Market Street. Could it be that it was called Ken's Steak House instead of Tad's or were there two of them. In 196l Ken's Steak House was at 124 Market Street and I don't show a Tad's at that time.

If you go to Harrison now you will still see the old neon sign that runs along the side of Dunphy's Hawaiian Palms. Its been closed so long, but my mom used to tell me her crowd used to go to dances there in the 40's.
She remembered going to Nasto's Ice Cream Shoppe on Jefferson St in the Ironbound for dances on the second floor. She said Al Nasto the present owner used to be a great dancer. Later on old man Nasto expanded his apartment into the dancehall to accommodate his growing family. She said they had booths in the store and they used to hang out and share .05 cent sodas. But if he didn't see any sodas he'd throw the kids out. Tell them they had to buy or get out.

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