"Going Postal"

by Seymour Pierce


The mention of possible snow "flurries" brings back a flood of memories. Having spent most of my adult life in the Post Office, my stories are all VERY, VERY POSITIVE.

First, the winter of 1947, the day after Christmas, snow flurries are predicted. It flurried all day, as I recall, until we accumulated 27, I repeat 27, inches of flurries. Most letter carriers were out doing their job, still plenty of mail to be delivered because mail was delayed, arriving late due to widespread storms. I personally got back to the Main Post Office wet, almost to the waist.

All carriers, youngsters, old timers, "temps" , all were out doing their best. The clerks and in-office workers all showed their dedication and got to work. We were able to get to work downtown, due to the efforts of those city employees who were able to clear the main streets. Springfield Avenue, South Orange Avenue, Clinton Avenue amongst others, especially "down town" and we were able to WALK from the Irvington Line to Broad Street, if no bus was running.

This item and many other accounts of Postal People going "above and beyond", either to do their job or to assist people in distress. Stories can be found wherever there is a three person or a three thousand employee POSTAL FACILITY. This is "going postal"


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