Memories of Schools

2016.05.06, 01:51:15 Miss Vanderhoof by Tim Carleton
2016.05.05, 14:31:35 First Ward Columbus Homes by Francis Dougherty
2016.05.05, 14:31:11 From Summer Camp to the Newark Riots by Ron Lewis
2016.05.05, 14:30:48 Meeting Lucille Ball by Jack Keegan
2016.05.05, 14:30:24 My Home Town by Rosemary Avino
2016.05.05, 14:30:00 The “Dynamite” Story by Ralph J. Chin
2016.05.05, 14:29:29 Bergen Street Grammar School by Steven Eli Schanes
2007.03.04, 20:20:53 Memories of Elementary School in the Weequahic Section of Newark by Bonnie Gray Kaye
2007.02.28, 16:34:07 Bargain Bus Rides - Newark School Students and Public Service Transportation by Barbara L. Rothschild
2007.02.07, 16:16:56 Newark, 1955-1959 by Marilyn Lucas Blaho
2006.12.05, 00:39:08 Saint Peter's Chapel School by Don Allen
2006.09.06, 22:56:00 St. Francis Xavier School by Barbara Cole
2006.07.10, 18:04:25 The 1st Ward in the 30's, 40's, and 50's by Emilio "Duke" Yannacone
2006.03.20, 14:31:38 I Will Forever Love Newark by Frederick Powell
2006.03.10, 18:22:01 Memories of Weequahic Section by Elvan Knight
2006.03.04, 16:03:27 I Remember High School Days by Diane Bronson
2006.02.20, 11:27:40 Newark Memories and Roots by Richard Blume
2006.02.04, 21:01:13 Fond Memories of Schofield Street, Mount Vernon School, & Vailsburg by Barbara Marin
2006.01.19, 14:45:31 Home Sweet Home by Stephanie (Grant) Lewald
2006.01.13, 22:16:27 Fond Memories of the Forest Hill Section by Sharon Gesell-Casale
2006.01.10, 15:14:35 Forest Hill by Nanette (LaCapra) Rotonda
2005.11.14, 12:45:24 Ridge Street School by John Faux
2005.10.03, 13:47:41 St. Mary's Grammar School by Jean Mohren Dunlap
2005.10.01, 13:39:59 Reply to The Projects and Our Lady of Good Counsel by Jim Ahearn
2005.09.30, 11:13:36 The Projects and Our Lady of Good Counsel by Diane Castner
2005.09.08, 12:32:51 North Newark 1947-1963 by Jim Ahearn
2005.07.07, 14:39:23 Alexander Street School and Boylan Street Pool by Nancy Mockridge/Dietel
2005.06.28, 13:37:14 Those Were The Days My Friend (Continued) by Dorothy Naecker - Pollino
2005.05.14, 00:07:48 Growing up in Newark by Madeline (Diaz) Block
2005.04.28, 01:55:07 Alexander Street School by Francine Klemens
2005.04.22, 07:12:43 Forest Hills Section - the Early 70s by Jim Rosko
2005.04.13, 22:05:16 Patrol boy by Greg Boose
2005.04.13, 00:53:21 The Projects of 7th Avenue - Circa 1960s by Jim Rosko
2005.03.20, 15:46:37 Oliver Street School by Newark Talk Collective
2005.03.20, 13:35:00 Essex Catholic High School Responses by Newark Talk Collective
2005.03.20, 13:28:39 Essex Catholic High School (early version) by Danny Buckley
2005.03.19, 15:41:19 Henry Donn by Newark Talk Collective
2005.01.18 Down Neck School Days by Jack Keegan
2004.07.29 Gym Class at Barringer High by Harry T. Roman
2004.07.18 Graduation by Harry T. Roman
2004.06.01 The Lippel School of Dance by Marianne Pepe-Murray
2004.06.01 School Milk Breaks by Harry T. Roman
2004.01.08 Nice Cheap Education by Harry T. Roman
2004.01.05 Response to Patrol Boy by Harry Capko
2003.12.16 The Hippest Nun by Jack Bogdanski
2003.11.22 School Bank Books by Harry T. Roman
2003.11.18 Weequahic High Thanksgiving Football Game by Jacqueline Klein
2003.10.13 Essex Catholic High School by Danny Buckley
2003.09.08 Saint Benedict's Preparatory School (Part 2) by Charles McGrath
2003.08.30 Saint Benedict's Preparatory School (Part 1) by Charles McGrath
2002.12.24 Going to a North Newark College for $5 a Credit by Nat Bodian
2002.12.02 Response to Patrol Boy by George Burgey
2002.11.25 School Playgrounds by William Russo
2002.11.24 Hawthorne Avenue School by Bill Newman
2002.11.24 Half Sessions by Bill Newman
2002.11.11 Patrol Boy by Charles McGrath
2002.09.12 Weequahic High School by Steven Eli Schanes
2002.09.09 Bergen Street Grammar School 1929 - 1937 by Steven Eli Schanes
2001.03.09 The Lippel School of Dance by Doris Piechna Gethard