120 West Bigelow Street

by Bette Ann (Marsh) Tiernan


I was born there August 4th 1932 and named Bette Ann Marsh. My Dad was Bill Marsh and a member of the Newark Police Dept. until 1952. He and my Mom raised three girls. Nina became Nina Grohgan and Carol became Carol Batto. Our home at 120 W Bigelow St. was located just above Milford Ave park. Sears Roebucks occupied one corner and the A&P and Bergmans Drug Store the other corners of Elizabeth Ave and Bigelow St. The #27 Mt Prospect Ave bus took us from this Clinton Hill section to down town.

Broad and Market Streets was a favorite bus stop and a brief walk would take us to Orbachs and Bamberger's. Further along Broad Street one would find the more prestigious Haynes & Co. Military Park, the Episcopal Cathedral, Public Service Elec and Light, The Five and Dime, Lofts. I even remember a favorite button store with boxes and boxes of buttons located on Halsey Street in back of Hanes.

There were at least 3 movie houses. Lowes done by Haynes, Paramount on Market Street and one on Branford PL. From the third floor of our home, I could see Newark Airport and the Anheuser Busch neon sign. Port Newark was a short ride and Newark was noted as a land, sea and air city. Located so near Manhattan by Penn RR or the Hudson Tubes Broadway was simply a hop,skip and a jump away.

Thanksgiving Day high school football was played at Seton Hall. South Side HS played. Olympic Park was our playground and our scout troop had cabin for camping located in the Orange Mountains.

Life in Newark NJ from 1932 to 1952 was precious and visits to Newark's Neighborhoods as recently as 2012 just as precious. Staying in touch with HS classmates who graduated in Feb. 1950 is a special gifts. Imagine! 63 years of nostalgia. Imagine!


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