Horseback Riding

by Newark Talk Collective


Jule Spohn:
Does anyone remember going horseback? I went a few times but can't remember the names of the places. One name that comes to mind is Max's Little Corale which was, I think, in Maplewood.

Nicky G:
Hi Jules, remember going horse back riding off Old Mill RD in Union. Remember something about horse in Weequahic but wouldn't bet on that.

Max's corral was in Vaux Hall, behind the bus turn around. I used to be a guide for Max on weekends and on days I played hookey. I would take riding parties up through Milburn road to So Orange reservation. I had great fun!

Believe it or not, we used to go "horseback riding" in the meadows off Wilson Ave. DownNeck. There were several wild horses there (mid to late 1960s this was) and we would rope and ride them (bareback) whenever we could! The wild, wild, Newark!

Martha Imperiale:
I just read your comment to Jule about riding the horses. That also sounds like Wild Wild Wild Texas to me...

The gang I hung with at Crystals all would take the 31 So. Orange up town to the bus turn around you described. Didn't remember the name, was Max's little coral. I usually got "Gypsy". She was slow and not frisky except when the pack started to run on the trail. I bounced like a ball and certain parts hurt a bit. I remember crossing a street and my brother Joe's horse almost climbed up on a car hood. Also the back shoes of his horse slipped out together and the horse did a back split and almost went down on the street. It was a blast. Valley from the Romans down at Luigies on South Orange Ave., owned his own black horse he kept there. He could rear it up and put its front feet on top of doghouse that was there by the barn, real impressive. That horse was beautiful...It didn't smell all that good as I recall there by the barn. Phew Yu. Thanks for the memories of those days. Hardly talk about it ever.
Tony D.

JULE, (this is PATTY'S"X") I used to hang around,& guild at Max's little Coral in the early 50s. Along withVali, Soupie (vinnie) Palumbo, Babe Peretti, Little Ceasar, Big Nick, Feets & Smil'n Jack, who used to work for Max. Don't forget the black crew from East Orange, Cliff, Rat fingers. Who remembers the name of the German shepherd dog Max used to lock-up at night in the tackroom? What about Abe, & his little ponys. If anyone is interested I have pictures. Darn, that makes them 50 years old. I didn't think I'd live that long. JULE; thanks for this invite. SEMPER FI girls

I used to guide in '49 and first part of the 50s. I rode with the black guys, one was named Speedy, remember him and his sidekicks. My buddies were Gary Garret, Eddie Naspinsky and Louis Weissberg, who was a mounted cop in Newark. Remember how Max used to pop that bull whip? I enlisted in the Corps in July of 1950 and that was the end of my riding at Max's. I had some great times riding the bridle trail through the South Orange mountains. I don't remember the name of Max's dog but I do remember the dog being locked up in the tack room. It's nice to share these remembrances with you.

Jule Spohn:
Hello Frankie (Mr. Nice Guy). I'm glad you showed your face here. How about that - Quint and you worked at the same place. How many others remember going there and riding the horses. I went a few times but had forgotten about it till Frankie reminded me of it.

Hey Quint - spoke with John Manghisi today. He says hello. Says he sent you a brochure about the museum.

Looks like the Marines have landed - all is well.

Tony DiGiesi:
Hello all:
Boy that was fun! A good RIDE BACK IN TIME SO TO SPEAK, ANOTHER BAD PUN. Max's Coral. Anyone remember how much it cost back then to ride? Man we sure have some LONG memories. I can't remember where the Car keys are, but I can remember the good old NEWARK DAYS.
Ha Ha.
Hey Frankie_Nice Guy, welcome to the site and thanks for the Post who was that "MASKED MAN" Kemo Sabe? Another Newark Alumni, they keep coming back like me, to remember the "GOOD OLD DAYS". When the "50's were great and Tony Bennett was on the Radio or Eddie Fisher, CONNIE FRANCIS Frankie Laine and, Oh My God, all the great Do-Wop groups. Turn up the Radio and hear the Four Aces, Jo Stafford, McGuire Sisters, Nat King Cole and the others. The Dances at St. Ant's Church. And a late night Jimmy Buff's (Make it a DOUBLE PLEASE) or a Pizza from the Reservoir. Always liked to watch by the Kitchen Door at the Cooking and Pizza making.
Well bye for now Its "KARAOKE" tonight at "Puzzo's" and I need to Sing the Oldies once in a while. "My FANS ARE WAITING".
Tony D.


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