TV Incidents

by Jack Keegan


Most if not all Commercials were done live in the early days of Television, here are a few not so so great ones.

The Mop

This revolutionary cleaning tool was supposed to out pace all others. A mess was spread on a glass plate on the studio floor. A pretty young lady picked up the mop to cleanup the dirt, all she succeeded in doing was spread it around. What happened, the mop should have been wetted and was not.


General Motors announced that their curved windshields did not distort your vision. Do the Commercial, camera was set up in backseat shooting forward to front of car, voila no distortion.

Why? Windshield had been removed. Truth in advertising?


What looked like a well roasted Thanksgiving Turkey appeared for the commercial. it was a beautiful brown, just what you would expect. When the shoot was finished a stagehand grabbed

the bird to take it home. Biting into it he claimed it as his, much to his surprise blood covered his face and shirt why? The bird was uncooked and only painted brown for the shoot. So much for looks.


Ernie Kovacs as part of his program had a character called Percy Dovetonsils. Percy always appeared with a Martini glass with its usual olive, not a real Martini but a glass of water.

One time during a rehearsal the stagehands substituted a real Martini for the prop one.

Ernie took a sip looked surprised, but being a great showman continued with the rehearsal.

When the rehearsal was over he joked about it, no repercussions.


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