What Would I Do?

by Old Newark Memory Submission


If I could go back in time, I would like to see myself, walking in my first pair of high heels with all the neighbors watching....remember, in those days...our neighbors were our families.

I would like to go to St Michael's Church for the many Masses that I sung in the choir. We sounded so bad but we all knew that we were singing to and for God and He loves us even thou we sounded like wounded cats! For the many times I and other girls forgot our hats to wear to go to Confession and had to wear tissues pinned on our hair and how hard it was to stop laughing just before I went into the confessional booth, I just knew I was going to Hell.!!!

I would love to see Jack and Betty Schwartz...to hug them and tell them how much they meant to me and my brother Stanley too...a very blessed part of our lives.

My grams store...I learned how to wait on customers as a very young child.To answer a phone pleasantly even thou the customer was a grouch.

Friends on Van Wagenen St...I have pictures of them at my 11th birthday party. Going downtown was a thrill as it was for just about every child. THe Thanksgiving Parade...so many children...so many happy faces. It was great!

The store I hung out in.... Carols Luncheonette on Broadway and 3rd Ave. We drank Coke and danced and had fun. Kids today don't have such things to keep them busy.

So Many things, so many memories...of Newark in the 40s and 50s. Our Jule says what most of us feel....it WAS a wonderful place to be born in and to grow up.

And just think....we all have met through this site...and here we are, sharing our thoughts and memories!


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