1947 Snow Sprinkles

by Seymour Pierce


To all Newark Mail Persons, be careful of the prediction of "sprinkles" this January 19th of 2005.

Remember, your fellow mailmen delivered their mail and Christmas Cards on Dec. 26th 1947. We got 27 inches. Not "tough sleddin" but sure tough Gettin' around for mailmen, especially with the 30-40 lb bag of Christmas Cards, letters from service men and women, bills and various publications. For weeks, many of us, and workers everywhere, walked, hitched rides, tried for public transportation, some lucky, some not. We used the great Leviathan Diner on Springfield Ave as a way station, to continue to plod our way down to work.

I was a downtown mailman and my wife worked at Central Ave., corner Broad St. We had "youth" on our side plus a "work ethic" and managed to get through it. Many of us walked down Springfield Ave., 16th, So. Orange Ave., Central AVe., Clinton Ave., Avon, all heading to Broad St. From Broad St. to all directions.

The snow looked like a winter wonderland for weeks. There was minor auto pollution. The walks were like a community experience, an opportunity to connect to neighbors. Wish it were so today Thanks for letting me share a memory. A helpful hint from way back then. Get yourself to a car barn, so you'll get a seat on the trolley !

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