Memories of Roseville

2016.05.05, 23:50:07 Roseville Section of Newark by Pat Bilotti
2016.05.05, 14:25:03 The Roseville Section by Irwin Leib
2006.06.27, 23:20:56 Memories by Jule Weining
2005.08.18, 19:51:37 I'm Looking for You by Lois Musal-Bender
2005.04.12, 12:46:39 Roseville Avenue and Orange St. during the 50s by Rochelle Goodman
2005.03.27, 12:42:23 Pigtail Alley by David B. Seal
2005.03.26, 17:04:31 Rotondo Funeral Home by John P. Rotondo
2005.03.23, 19:21:37 Roseville Revisited by John P. Rotondo
2005.03.20, 12:57:08 The "77 Steps" Area by Newark Talk Collective
2005.03.19, 18:18:10 Roseville by Sue Carol (Pincelo) Farrell
2004.10.27 Roseville by Charles Carroll
2004.06.01 Christmas Lights by Marianne Pepe-Murray
2003.12.27 Response to "Memories of Essex Troop" by Charles McGrath
2003.12.07 Pigtail Alley by Jeff Schick
2003.11.30 Pigtail Alley by Charles McGrath
2003.09.01 Roseville by Philip Donnelly
2003.03.23 Kid from Roseville Avenue: Baseball's Brainiest Player ...and Top World War II Spy by Nat Bodian
2002.12.07 St. Augustine's Church & Sussex Avenue Armory by Ann Shayka
2002.11.24 Memories of Essex Troop & St Rose of Lima School by Colonel (Ret) Frank L. Carlone
2001.01.07 Roseville by Joe Bilby