Newark Memories

by Joe Nacknouc


I was born in St. Michael's Hospital August 9th, 1943, and lived in Fairmont Avenue, Littleton Avenue and South 18th Streets. I am now retired living in St. Petersburg Florida. I remember the Feast at St. Rocco's Church when I was longer and attended Camden Street School. We moved to South 18th Street and attended South 17th Street School and as South 17th didn't have a 9th grade we had to take a bus to Madison Avenue and then to West Side High.

During the Football Season we had Charlie Meadows, as our main running back and later on Anton Pulawski. Anton was behind me but I attended school with his older brother Valdimir.

We also had Pete Berardi with Anton in the backfield. I remember Vailsburg becoming a High School. How can you forget all the Italian bakeries and pizza parlors along Bloomfield Avenue, and Jimmy Buffs Hot Dogs, how about Callahans Dogs down neck. We just don't have the Italian bakeries here in St. Petersburg, and when you find one it cost a fortune to purchase any of the items we took for granted in Newark. I remember going to Valentino's meat market when I got older and married, to place my weekly order of meats on Franklin Avenue.

I don't know if any of my class of 61 still lives in Newark, but I would like to send my regards and e mail Newark was good to me as a very young individual, the open water hydrants in the summer to get cool, what Air Conditioners! What color T.V. 'S? I had a neighbor on 18th Street and as the house's were so close she would play Johnny Mathis records all the time and of course you could hear them all. Sitting on the stupe's, playing stick ball across the street from my home, that was always a problem.


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