Schachtel's Bakery

by Seymour Pierce


Food and Drink.

A great subject to be discussing this cold nasty day. Anyone remember Schachtel's Bakery? It was in a basement on Broome St. They did all the baking for all the fine restaurants and catering events. Their specialty were the small dinner rolls, Jewish Ryes, served at the Tavern, the Diner, Clinton Manor, Avon Mansion , etc.

We used to "drop in" at 2-3 AM when they were at their busiest. Picking up their baked goods was like making it at home and right from the oven. Two blocks south on Broome, to the back door of Kaplans Deli, for Salami, Corned Beef, Pastrami , Rolled Beef and on and on . This was to complete a meal fit for kings. Must leave you now to eat! Mange and Enjoy

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