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Newark Memories Note: I received this memory on July 31, 2001 and have sat on it until now. I have decided to publish it with the names x'ed out. I have no way of verifying the content but since 2001 I have received many similar emails asking how to find their birth parents. For those who have been adopted I have some information.

New Jersey Boystown has some records from Newark. their address is:

Adoption and Search
New Jersey Boystown
499 Bellgrove Drive
Kearny, N.J. 07032

Youth Consultation Services:
You can contact Kim Garfinkel at YCS at 973-395-0801 ext. 417 (records for Newark Orphan Asylum, Newark Home for Foster Care, Home for the Friendless and Protestant Foster Home).
Jane Nast runs Adoption Support Group at the Presbyterian Church Parish House in Morristown and can be reached at 973-267-8698.


I saw on your web page that you were born in xxxxxxxxxx, Newark,NJ.

I was also born in that xxxxxxxxxx January 1962. I am writing to let you know if you are not aware of the role xxxxxxxxxx had in the unwed mother business. My mother was sent to the xxxxxxxxxx home in Newark. She was housed there till my birth and she was told she was not allowed to keep me even if she wanted to.

I have spoken to many adoptees who were born at xxxxxxxxxx and it is clear they were doing a brisk business in helping to give away members of peoples families. The xxxxxxxxxx had a large role in directing these unfortunate pregnant girls to be hidden away in Newark till they could deliver their babies and spare their families the shame of out of wedlock birth. It was believed that these pregnancies were a threat to the very fabric of morals of society and the only way these mothers could make atonement for this sin was to give their babies away to married couples and never see them again thru closed adoption.

I have visited Newark to search for my roots and have been to the hall of records and xxxxxxxxxx itself and was told that yes I was born there but that I could not have any of my records and that my birth mother didn't want me to ruin her life by finding her. i was told this by a xxxxxxxxxx administrator. This xxxxxxxxxx goes to the limit to keep these adoptees and birth families apart.

I am very pleased to report that I did find my birth mother and she has always wanted to know me and that walking out of that xxxxxxxxxx empty handed was the worst day of her life. We now have a great close relationship and I am writing to let you know about the dark side of Newark and the baby hiding business this xxxxxxxxxx was involved in and still protects. And that if I listened to that xxxxxxxxxx administrator I would still be lost in the world and that they should be ashamed to tell an adoptee their mother doesn't want to see them.

My other adopted sister was born in Montclair at xxxxxxxxxx and her secret we are still trying to crack. The site of that xxxxxxxxxx on your web page makes my blood run cold and it makes me think of when I was left there and the course of my life changed forever....


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