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Joan Niven:
What kind of cars did we have? I remember driving around in a 1949 Mercury, a 1949 Ford, 1955 Mercury, and a 1956 Crown Victoria. How about the 1958 Chevy Impala? The very famous T-BIRD year, 1955 or was it 1956? Does anyone remember these cars or what did you drive? My father had a De Soto I think 1955, 56 (not sure). The Studebaker, 1952? My uncle had a Chrysler Convertible in the 1950's. Took all the cousins for a ride on Sundays...up to the Orange Mountains. Lots of memories..

I had a 1956 ford, 1960 Corvair and and a brand new 1963 Comet.

Oh how could I not mention the 1959 Cars, Bonneville, Ford, Cadillac and the Chevy Impala. Went to my West Side High Prom in a 1959 White Bonneville. And of course my 1967 Camero.

My favorite two cars: 1949 . 2 door , black ford.
My dad put blocks on the brake and clutch, 1962 . 2 door black cadillac, 57 impala and 50 mercury convertible were brother in laws.
wonderful cars...yes they were.

My dad had a 37 Pontiac in 1937 and we stripped the paint down to the metal and repainted it. Not a bad job done by us. My first car was a 1953 Ford Fairlane I bought while I was still in the Marine Corps stationed in Camp LeJeune, NC. That car saw lots of highway miles to and from NJ and NC. Today I still own a 49 Cad, 62 series, 4 door which I am restoring. Presently I am removing all the chrome, preparing it for painting. I also own a 53 Chrysler Imperial which has been in our family since 55. My brother in law Tony Celentano proposed to my sister in that car. She would never tell me if he proposed in the front seat or the back seat. Both cars are mechanically very good, in fact, I drove the Chrysler to church today and got all kinds of thumbs up signs from people along the way, especially the kids. The Chrysler appeared in many scenes in God Father I. When I finish working on the Cad I will get to work on the Chrysler, just needs some paint and a bit of work on the interior. Sorry for such a long answer to a short question...but I really like working on and talking about old cars.

peter grimm:
1950, won a race driving backwards up eagle rock ave in a 1933 chevy. took 5th Baha mexico with a 1938 packard stock. I might have won but ran out of money and tires, paid $25 for it

Jule Spohn:
My first car after I got my driving license in 1958 was a 1947 Plymouth. I paid $50 for it. Didn't have the money all at once but I cut the owners (lived across the street) grass for $5 a week and at the end of 10 weeks the car was mine. Was really in great shape. Ever hear about the owners who just drove the car to church. Well this was one of those cars.

In 1961 or thereabouts I bought a 1954/55 or so Desoto with the "push buttons" for the gears.

After getting out of the Marine Corps in 1966 and while spending the summer up in New Hampshire I bought an old beat up Nash Rambler. Smoked like the devil. My friends that I was staying with could always tell when I was coming home. They could see the smoke as I came around the other side of the lake.

Those were the days.

Martha Imperiale:
I had a powder blue 1955 Dodge convertible and a 1956 two tone yellow and black Plymouth convertible with push botton drive.

peter grimm:
the front tire of my crosley, it got so wedged in the trolley track had to be cut out

I thought you could sleep an entire family in a 59 bonneville. and how many of your friends could you smuggle into the 46 drive in in the trunk of one of those. course you only got 7 or 8 miles to the gallon with that 4 barrel carb sucking down the gas.

A 52 Buick that was a monster. Looked like a Tank and impossible to drive

I went out with someone who had a 1937 Buick, then he had a 1941 Ford. I remember he bought a Triumph. While going up So. Orange ave one night he spotted a car I think it was a 1957 Ford. It was Primed backround and had hand painted designs all over it. He traded the Triump for the Ford. My father's De Soto was a 1950 model not 1956. It had Fluid Drive and was a Carry All. Remember the Races down in OLD BRIDGE? My friend raced her 1958 Chevy Impala in the Powder Puff Races. (Girls only).

The 52 Buick was a monster. I have a 2002 Le Sabre and I think its a monster. We Forgot one Monster of a car, the 1949 or 1950 Hudson. My fathers friend had one. It was Grey. We would take long drives on Sundays. He (George) would always make my father drive. We all didn't mind especially his wife because he sometimes would fall asleep while driving.

Seymour Pierce:
CARS, Learned to drive on a 1931 Ford. At 17, later bought a 1933 Ford, for $100 bucks. Gas on Elizabeth Ave was .10.9 per gallon. Later bought a 1938 Plymouth for $250 Went into the service in 1943, sold it for $250. They stopped making cars during WWII. Out of the service could not buy my car back at any price. Next car we bought was a NEW 1949 Chevy. [cars were being built again] For this Chevy, we put a $100 deposit down in 1946, waited our turn and when it came, we got a 1949. Since then I have been buying the usual family cars [nothing exciting], driving the average about 12,000 miles a year and buying new every 8 or 9 years. The only interesting driving experience was driving that old "mail truck" vintage 1929. Had to be "cranked", the driver set the spark and the magneto, while it was cranked [two handles on the wheel] at the garage and NOT shut off until back to the garage. No heat, No A/C,Hand operated wipers .

Wasn't it the Ford Fairlane that came out with a hard top convertiable? Some how the trunk opened up and the top went down in the back.


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