by Everett Winrow

Hi, my name is Everett Winrow and I lived on Norfolk St, between Central Avenue and Warren Street, right next to the Shrimp Boat, ha. I've read some of the comments concerning Newark and it brought back lots of memories.

My memories were those of Arts High School, my friends, and the neighborhood movie house - The Court Theatre, were for only a dime you could see two feature films, the serial, cartoons, the coming attractions, and a newsreel.


Other great memories of Newark, where I spent so much time, was the Newark Museum and the Public Library... I left Newark in January of 1955 and would visit a few times, but I recently visited Newark this past summer after almost 30 years. I saw quite a lot of changes. Then, of course, Newark wasn't such a bad run down place when I grew up there..


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