Newark During WWII

by John Kelleher


I was born in 1937 and I remember most of the war. My sister and I would be scared every time a black out was in progress. I remember the wardens in the street. The cars headlights were painted 1/2 black. Gas was rationed. You had a sticker on the car for how much gas you were allowed.

We had coupons for meat and food. We had a victory garden in our yard. We would save cooking fat,tin cans for the war effort. We had a stamp book in school . I think the stamps cost 10cents each.We had several Navy men living in our house. One was a ranking Naval officer on a major ship that was sunk. The headlines were extra large.

I had several relatives wounded. One was shot twice. Once in the face and once in the rear. He was a promising ball player and drank heavy after the war. The other uncle had punctured ear drums from an explosion. A third Uncle was a medic on Okinawa with the Marines and wound up in China.

I remember walking by some homes that had a Gold Star flag in their window and how sad I would get.

I remember sending gift packages for the holidays when we had some $$. I could go on and on.

It was a scary terrible time. I will never for get it. I was so happy when the war ended.

One good thing about it was how we all stuck together and helped each other out. It was a fight to the finish. If we lost. We would lose everything including our lives.


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