by Andrew Davis


I was born in Newark, at the "Beth" in 1951. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Union. So, I never had the pleasure of actually growing up in Newark but, since my brother and all the rest of my family are so intertwined with Newark, I feel as though I really am a Newarker. From my first shoes at Brody's on Bergen Street, to the Weequahic Barber Shop, Watson Bagels, Silver's on Hawthorne Ave, Syd's, Halem's, the Pic & Pay, the trotters in the Park, the Tavern and the Weequahic Diner, I feel as though I had a Newark experience. Both my parents grew up in Newark.

My father went to Central High, won three sports letters and graduated from in 1925(?). My mother graduated South Side in 1935(?). As I was told, they met over a hot dog at Millman's. When I was born we lived on Schuyler Avenue and my father worked nights at the Newark Farmer's Market for Wuhl Brothers. My mother's family, the Furst's, also all lived in Newark - ultimately in the Clinton Hill section, I believe.

Even after moving to Union, I recall my mother and I riding the #48 bus down Maple and Elizabeth Avenues downtown to do all important shopping. I think everything I wore came from Bamberger's Newark and continued to come from Bamberger's at the Livingston Mall until I moved from New Jersey in 1973. Newark to me is still sleigh riding in Weequahic Park in winter and boating on the lake in the summer, buying bread at Silver's Bakery, deli at Kartzman's and the Chancellor Deli, and lox from Tabachnick's on Chancellor Ave. Later on, I can recall attending weddings and Bar Mitzvahs at Ann Gordon's, the Clinton Manor and the Avon Caterer's. I even attended college at Rutgers-Newark.

So, in reality, I am a Newarker - from Union.

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