Mister Tuscan Ice Cream Truck

by John Desranleau


My brother and I serviced the TUSCAN Trucks back in 67. I was 17 at the time. My Father worked at the main Dairy Plant on Union Ave Union. (33Years) (Sadly that Plant has been closed)

Back to the Trucks. My brother had the job of sanitizing (Cleaning up) the trucks at night. This was done in a four bay garage. We used "Live Steam" to sanitize all the stainless steel parts of the Ice Cream mixers. Live steam is very loud and super hot! A driver had the job of pulling the trucks in and out the garage before and after they were clean. Then they would park the truck along a cyclone fence near a 220 volt outlet that was used to plug the freezer --- keeping the Ice Cream cold on the truck over nite.

The fleet consisted of about 40 trucks. There were all sorts of makes, GM - Chevy - Ford - International. Each make had a different shift pattern which I learned how to shift and drive all of them. I would join my brother on Friday night and help him out washing and driving the trucks --- It was real fun! All the Ice Cream you can eat and driving and racing the Ice Cream trucks in the large lots in Tuscan Dairy.

We had a system, all the driver/owners who tipped us by leaving monies on the counter, this was sort of an insurance policy, meant they would get special treatment. We would be extra careful racing, I mean driving there truck. We would sometimes, in the middle of the night, drive a MR. Tuscan truck to “Dunkin Doughnuts” on Morris Ave. Yes! my crazy brother had the "Sailing Sailing" melody playing and the Ice Cream Cone on top of the truck blinking. The gals in the DD loved us coming in we would give them frozen Ice cream "Flying Saucers sandwiches".

Mr. Tuscan had great Ice Cream - I have to say the best soft chocolate I have ever tasted. There was a Exclusive Sunday that Mr. T pushed, it was called the "Shaggy Dog". It was a Sunday that had two candy Eyes and covered with Chocolate syrup and toasted coconut --- Yummy!

Mr Tuscan also give away all short of toy trinkets - Yoyo's - Pens Whistle - little snap together models, etc. I wished I had kept some of the toys for souvenirs. To any of the Mr. Tuscan owners on this site I say thank you for all Good that you brought the children that purchased your goods. And for any reader that purchased Mr. Tuscan Ice Cream, Thank You.

There were a lot of other adventures that we had but I choose not to disclose them.

One More thing - Mr. Tuscan was called the Jolly Roger, after a Private Ship - thus the music "Sailing Sailing". The color of the trucks were Red strips on a white body.

My father serviced the Mr .T trucks before my brother and I took over. He did it 1960-1965. I used to go with him and my other brothers. My father then would take us to a Hamburger Joint for our pay, around 3 in the morning. There was many to choose from Blue Castle - White Castle - Fat Boys - White diamond. The Golden Arches were not here.

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