Dugan's Bakery (Queens) and the End

by Ron Wilson


Everyone mentions the Newark bakery of Dugan's, but nothing is said of their bakery on 222nd st. in Queens N. Y. It was at the time, the largest bakery of its kind in the United States. The bakery covered one city block. The shipping department covered another. And last but not least, the garage and drivers room sat on the third block.

My dad worked for them from '37 until they went out of business in Oct '66. I myself worked for them starting in 1950 starting in the cake wrapping dept. and wound up in the shipping dept. After coming home from the army in '55, I went to work for them driving tractor trailer and worked right up to the bitter end when the doors were locked. Prior to their sale by the Bros. Bob and Dave Dugan, no one ever thought that they'd go out of business. But when it was sold, it was the beginning of the end of a great company.

It was a company of dedicated workers whose lives were spent there and even had many sets of brothers and dads and sons working together. In our department alone, transport, we had as I recall two sets of dads and sons ( myself included) and at least two if not three sets of brothers. As large as the bakery was in Queens, it was still a very much family oriented business.

Lots of memories of that place.


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