Ridge Street School

by John Faux


Growing up on Ridge Street and attending Ridge Street School, graduating in 1977, brings back many memories. I understand that the houses on the block will be torn down to expand and replace the old building! That building guarded by these lovable gargoyles who scared most of us because we felt the eyes moved.

I remember the teachers, especially Mr. Ferrara who drove a Blue '73 Vette, he was a favorite of everyone. He left for a while and stories were told of him being in the CIA. He then came back with a new Vette some years later. Other favorites were Mr. "C" who I believe is still there, must be 35 years now, he made us all love science and the annual science fair was amazing. He always had time to help each of us a little.

Our gym teacher, Mr. Pecora who went on to become asst. principle, used to make us exercise to an old record with the reprise of "go you chicken fat go……". Then there was our principle Mr. Foti, the nicest guy in the world but when he gave you the look, you knew you were in trouble and knew you disappointed him (you felt bad before he even spoke to you).

Who could forget pitching baseball cards in the school yard at lunch or running from girls created game of "kick the boys". Of course I ran with the popular gang of the time, led by John Venezia, not the biggest guy but the toughest, Steve Nash, Rich Leuders, Dave Massini. No one beat us in touch football.

We had the candy man Gary who would go home for lunch and come back daily with a big bag of candy! The Good Humor guy used to be at the corner after school and let you pay him tomorrow on hot days when you forgot money. Everyone always paid him back!

But some of the best memories were AFTER School sports…..the playground was run by Mr. Morris after school and in the summer. On rainy days….we went into the gym for kick ball!. He had a crew cut and VW that always seemed to back fire! We enjoyed when he went up on the roof of the school each summer and threw down all the balls. We could keep what we grabbed!


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