Patrol boy

by Greg Boose


Yes I was also a patrol boy.

I grew up on Norwood Street between Abinger Place and Lindsley Avenue. I can remember all the patrol boys and girls lining up on the front steps of the school awaiting dispatch to our posts. Mr Horey (the gym teacher) was our leader. At posts on Sanford, Stuyvesant and 18th Avenues were paid adult patrol guards.

I remember a patrol lady named Mrs Lee, who patrolled the corner of Stuyvesant Avenue and Abinger Place. I remember her so well because she assisted me in crossing the street when I was in the first grade. I then later returned to the corner in the 80's and she was still there.

Oh by the way, I moved to Norwood Street in November 1970. Prior to that we lived on Bragaw Avenue in the Weequahic section. After graduating from Lincoln I went to Vailsburg, formerly known as Ivy Street School.

I would like to add an interesting closing. Earlier in this memory I mentioned the Gym teacher Mr. Horey, when my father Tom Boose was in middle school at Chancellor Avenue, Mr Horey was his gym teacher.


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