Reply to The Projects and Our Lady of Good Counsel

by Jim Ahearn


Diane,you rekindled further memories for me with your post. My family lived at the opposite end of the projects in Building 12. I always felt lucky because it was a three story building instead of a high rise. I don't remember your name but one of my family must have known at least one of your family. There were four of us and we were born in 1947-1948-1949-1951. I was first, followed by two sisters and a brother and we all attended Good Counsel.

I remember the Fitterer family name, I think there was a Fred, and was good friends with Mick and Frank Washington. They had an older sister, Betty, who was the first girl I ever had a crush for although I'm sure I never let on. Mick and I played baseball together for about seven years and attended Good Counsel and Essex Catholic together until my Family moved in 1963. I don't know if your brothers played any sports but I also spent a lot of time playing basketball at the Recreation center in the projects and Broadway Junior High.

The sports director at the Recreation center was Bill Wilson, who had played with the Harlem Globetrotters, and there was Bob Schaeffer, who had played with the Minneapolis Lakers, in charge at the junior high. Incidentally, that project baseball team that Mick and I played on together traveled across the river once or twice each summer to play at Boys Town. 

The last time I saw the projects was in the mid-70's and it was a wreck, although I hear they are doing a nice job of rebuilding now. I'm sure my mom moved us for the safety of my sisters and she was right to do it. But I have nothing but good memories of the old place.


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