Forest Hill

by Nanette (LaCapra) Rotonda


My fondest memories are of growing up on Ridge Street, between Heller Parkway and Grafton Avenue.

Ridge Street School was where I attended Kindergarten and where my brother, Frank La Capra, my husband, Joe Rotonda, and all of their friends played ball for hours on end. I went to Our Lady of Good Counsel Grammar and High Schools, from 1st through 12th grades. It was a top notch education and one which has helped me to achieve success in my life.

My closest friends were Denise McCabe, Sally Gaglioti, Janine Giangeruso, and Carol Petrucci. I'm still in touch with them today.

I still drive by my house, which my mom sold only two years ago, after my dad passed away. Some of our neighbors are still there.

My guy friends were Joe Polito, Jimmy Soriano, Anthony Maisto, and Nickie Palma. The greatest part of my life was growing up in Forest Hill, during a time when it was safe, secure, and family-oriented. How blessed and truly thankful I will always be to my parents for settling there.

My husband Joe and children, Joseph and Johnna, still go into Newark nearly every week or weekend and eat dinner at Luigi's, Michaelandelo's, or the Belmont, for Italian food. The most thrilling part of it all is that we always see people from the old neighborhood, who share wine, conversation, or just good old Newark stories we can relate to.


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