Alexander Street School

by Francine Klemens


I was born in 1964 at Irvington General. My kindergarten teacher was Miss Gittens. Each morning we sang to the sun & to gray squirrel. Compared to what kids learn now, good grief, we could barely count to 10 unless we watched Sesame Street! 

I was friends with the girl whose grandmother owned the candy store across the street! The place was crammed at lunch time.  

If you were bad, you got the ruler on the palms! My 3rd teacher had a dozen tapped together! The really bad boys got the paddle by the principle! But ya know what, not many of us made the same mistake twice. 

I remember climbing the wall hanging onto the chain link fence on the playground to get the honeysuckles. 

Fourth grade came and my street started the boundary for Speedway. I was heartbroken. I was sitting in the office getting my transcripts to go to Mt Vernon. I saw my class, they were saying I didn't have to go, The school board changed it's mind but it was too late. I lost touch with all my friends. I met up with one in high school, who remembered my name...Carol Lamb had put a long needed band-aid on my childhood heart.


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