I Remember High School Days

by Diane Bronson


I graduated from Central High School in 1962 and I remember going to Lucy's on Warren to get italian hot dogs for 25 cents and a soda for 10 cents. Our prom night was in the cafeteria and we had sandwiches, putch and cake. After the prom we went to New York City to a bar and my date was the only to get served so we all was sneaking a drink from his glass. We didn't have any money so we came back to White Castle on Elizabeth Avenue and had some of those 8 cent burgers.

I was so scared because I had never stayed out all night. My date wanted to come home with me to explain to my father but I was too embarrassed because I thought I was going to get a beating, but my father just asked if I had a good time, boy was I relieved.

I also remember living on West Street and on Friday my father would buy a slab of barbecue from the lady up the street that cooked it in her back yard. I remember going to Branch Brook Park after getting a whole pizza on Norfolk St. We also went to Grant Lunch on Friday and had 2 hot dogs apiece and sometimes we went to Nedicks.

I remember going to the Rialto Theater on Saturday and seeing a feature and 5 cartoons for 23 cents. We also shopped on Prince Street where you could buy everything from food to furniture.

I was born on Liberty Street and lived down neck for 13 years of my life. I graduated from Oliver St. School in 1958 and I wanted to go to East Side High but we moved to the Central Ward and I had to go to Webster Jr. High for a year before I could go to Central because Central started in the 10th Grade.

I loved my childhood because everything was so simple back then and nobody had any money so we had fun without it. I remember sleeping on the fire escape in the summer because it was so hot in the apartment. I also remember the cold water flats we lived in and building a fire in the coal stove. I still remember how cold it was in the winter. We had a lot of blankets on the beds to keep from freezing.


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