Down Neck School Days

by Jack Keegan


Dear Old Golden Rule Days-Hawkins Street School during the early Thirties was place of much learning both academic and social. 
Teachers those days not only taught certain subjects but also had other functions to perform. One of these was to monitor students going from classroom to classroom. To-days so called Professional teachers are above those mundane tasks and refuse to perform them. However back in the Good Old Days our teachers took those assignments in stride. 
We had two gym teachers Mr. Spahn for the boys and Miss Sabie for the girls. The incident that I'm about to tell about took place during the changing of classes, with Miss Sabie monitoring the main hallway. Most students followed the rules laid down, no talking, no running, no high jinks. However this day one of the Big Boys, seventh or eighth grade took off talking and running down the hall. Miss Sabie blew her ever present whistle and called for the miscreant to stop running and and walk. He ignored her instructions and tried to out run her. Little did he know that she had been a track star and had participated in the Olympics, winning several Gold Medals. 
Off she took like a deer catching the offender in a few strides. She started to admonish him, with that he gave her some sass. At this point she grabbed him by the collar and bounced his head off the corridor wall several times, all the time explaining the rules of conduct that he should obey. 
Not unlike to-day where such behavior is not only tolerated but encouraged. To-day she, the Principal and the entire School Board would be brought up before some Court and tried on violations of civil rights. But not in those Golden Rule Days, it was a great lesson learned by that juvenile, he learned well and never did repeat that offense. 
Oh for those School Days, School Days Dear Old Golden School Days.



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