The Lippel School of Dance

by Marianne Pepe-Murray


Reading the story about the Lippel School of Dance posted on the Old Newark website brought back many wonderful memories since I was also a student of the Misses Freda and June Lippel. My first class was at the age of three in 1951. I continued for nineteen years until I graduated college in 1970. What a marvelous experience it was to go to Lippels.

Our grand recitals at the Mosque were a sight to behold. When I looked at the photo you posted I pulled out some of the old pictures I had also taken in front of that very same wall. The studio was a classic. Do you remember all the photos posted on the walls of the many groups that had performed? Do you remember Hannah Neiman, the secretary? I was always afraid I was going to get stuck on the elevator which seemed to have a mind of its own on numerous occasions.

Thanks for reminding me how fortunate I was to be able to attend the Lippel School of Dance and a special "thanks" to Ms. Freda and Ms. June. I envision them dancing among the stars in the evening sky.


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