Alexander Street School and Boylan Street Pool

by Nancy Mockridge/Dietel


I was born in Newark, as were my Mom & Dad. Mom lived on S. 18th Street, a block down from the Pabst Brewery. Dad lived on Munn Avenue. I moved away at age 3, but then came back to 18th Street when I was 12. Went to Alexander St. School for 7th & 8th grade. My uncle was the cop on the corner in the early 50's. He used to score Marshmallow Fluff for me during the war and sugar was rationed. My favorite sandwich was peanut butter and marshmallow.

At the end of Alexander Street, I used to wait for the bus in front of Vassallo's fish store. Anyone remember that? They had live snails (escargots?) crawling up the plate glass windows. I think Daidone electronic store was next door, or somewhere near there. Boylan St. pool was my favorite place during the long hot summer and the best treat was a lemon ice while waiting for the bus. Never had another one like it with the great tangy flavor. 

My Grandma used to take me the department stores downtown for a treat. Kresge's and Hahnes were my favorites. A special treat was having tea sandwiches with Gram at Kresge's. Anyone have any memory of those? 

We used to go to the Loew's movie theater in the summer when they first had air conditioning. They used to hang a banner with icicles at the entrance and we thought we were really living sitting in the cool, dark, movie theater watching Betty Grable, and Rita Hayworth and other great beauties of the day. 

Wonderful memories and I am so glad I found this site to share.


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