Oliver Street School

by Newark Talk Collective


Pat Locascio (Nielsen):
Love the site. Visited today for the first time and saw my old elementary school, Oliver Street School. Attended there from 1959-1968.

Pat (Miceli) Haderthauer:
I sent in the picture of Oliver St.School. I was a teacher there from 1972-1980, a little after your time. My family was from New York Avenue and I lived there for part of the time I was teaching. I have many good memories of Down Neck.

Barbara Czornek:
My mom and my aunt worked there. I know she was there for many years. She worked in the cafeteria. Everybody called her Stella. JoAnne Delli Santi used to help her.

Pat Locascio (Nielsen):
Thanks for the picture of the school! It looks exactly as I remember it. Spent a lot of time in that playground. We were involved in the summer playground programs almost every year. There were five of us and we lived practically next door to the school and then around the corner on Pacific street before moving to the corner of Goble & Astor for the last few years we were in Newark. Although we were closer to South St. School at that time, we continued on at Oliver St. I do remember some of my teachers from Oliver St. I had Mrs. Scratch (really) for Kdg. and Mrs. Coleman for 1st & 2nd, Mr. Ritsen for 6th (I think) and Mr. Dasher for 8th. I remember the art teacher, but cannot remember his name. We used to call him the "Empire State Building" because he was so tall. I remember he had me model one whole afternoon when I was in 7th grade for all of the 8th grade art classes.


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