Henry Donn

by Newark Talk Collective


Susan Donn:
Born and raised on Oakland Terrace in Vailsburg. Went to Lincoln School, Ivy Jr. High and Vailsburg HS, Class of 1964. My father was a teacher, also born and raised in Newark. He graduated from Barringer HS. He taught at Weequahic, East Side and Barringer. His name was Henry Donn (Donofrio). He was a Basketball coach with several city titles. I have my dad's scrap book from BHS in the late 1920's and all his diaries. I know he went to 15th Ave. School and I think Robert Treat. I have a light fixture from the original BHS auditorium in my kitchen. Both of my parents are buried at Fairmount Cemetery near West Side HS. I could give you a store by store description of S. Orange Ave from Kilburn Church to the Dover Street bus turnaround, during the '50s & '60s. Some of the happiest times of my life were spent in "The Burg". So nice someone passed the site on to me. Would love to hear from others who are far from home.

Ron Hayes:
Susan welcome to the old newark site.Your dad was my gym teacher at East Side High School he was a great man we all enjoyed the way he taught. He was always MR DONN.

Manny, Tulsa, VHS '66:
Welcome aboard Susan,

Does any of this sound familiar?

"Suzi"; peppy cheerleader; Grunings at the Top; collegiate; penny loafers; T.K.E.; "No, really!"; great guitar player.

I knew your dad as Dr. Donn. He was a Phys Ed teacher at Weequahic and also taught Health, a required course back in the '40s. I recall one of the projects your dad required was for his students to build a bibliography on 3x5 cards of all the health books we could find. I spent many hours in the Newark Library putting that project together. Your dad was a very good teacher and well liked by his students. As you point out, he coached our basketball team to several city titles while I was a student at Weequahic.

Milt Schoenberger:
Hi Susan I graduated WHS jan 1947 and remember your Dad. He was a fine coach and though I didn't make the team . I didn't miss many games. We had some great teams during your dads reign. One of his players Jack Charwin is a neighbor. Stay well

Jack Bradley:
Did Henry Donn coach at Weequahic in the 30's? I'd be interested in knowing since my father, Al Bradley, attended WHS during the 30's. Thanks

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