My Home Town

by Rosemary Avino


How i enjoyed all the memories that I read here..I too remember this town.. Born, Lived and raised on the this last block of Elm St...I remembered the ice truck..the times they opened the fire hydrants in the summer hot days...was married and lived in a big brick 6 family house that my grandparents bought when they came here from my grandfather walked to Bambergers to save and pay on this house...i found all his pay stubs in our basement..they saved everything..I married my first love in 1991..had his daughter in St James Hospital in 62..another in 68..Newark downeck has changed since them memories still go back to them good old days...but now we all have to be aware of the drug people that come down here and sell it to our husband passed away in 1995,but seems like only a short time ago each day i parents lived in this same house..and as newly weds we lived here too..things have changed..but i still can sit on my front porch and remember it all the same tree is in front of this house and our names still carved in it..East Side High I graduated from looks like a factory..they don`t have them big steps in front anymore ..where us girls use to sit and talk about what we will do after we graduated..I became a paralegal and worked for 2 Lawyers has changed for all of us..but some things can never be taken away...thats our memories...I still love down neck..even with all the newcomers from all other countrys..many don`t talk english...well we can`t have everything... devoted to Newark's Elm St.


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