Response to Patrol Boy

by George Burgey


Thanks to Charles McGrath for the wonderful memories in "Patrol Boy". Here are a few embellishments as practiced at S. 17th St School. One of the great things about being a Patrol Boy was you got to leave class early to get to your "post". Likewise, you got in a few minutes after the other kids. At our school, all the patrols met in front of the school and saluted the flag with the Pledge of Allegiance since you would be too late to do it in class with everyone else. The Chief led the pledge.

Also, the "call" that brought all the patrols in was strangely like the Tarzan yell from the movies. It could be heard for blocks and every kid wanted to do it. Charles' description of a "trial" for violators sounds eminently fair. At S. 17th St., you were sent to the Manual Training teacher who was the "advisor". What happened behind closed doors was anyone's guess but few kids ever had to go twice.

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