Newark, Vailsburg, a touch of Heaven on earth.

by Bill Suskevich


Growing up in Newark was an experience that everyone should have at least once. The clean streets, the horse and wagons with the fresh fruit and vegetables. The guy in front of the wagon, yelling "Peaches" 29 cents a pound and other tempting phrases. The guy with the merry go round on the back of the truck, that the bigger kids got to wind up to make it go.

The ice man making his rounds in the morning with his giant wooden cart with the steel wheels. he would make his way up and down the streets and people would respond to his call for "ice" and up the stairs he would go with the ice on his back, shielded by a thick cloth. He also had regular customers that got a 15 cent piece of ice every day. This same cart would serve to deliver the biangaline or bleach in the afternoon. Same route, different call. At times he would also deliver bags of coal.

What a simple world, what a great time to be alive in Newark. Boylan street pool, free in the early day and 10 cents when it re-opened at 3:00PM. It was our own private resort. Many a happy day was spent at this beach, at home in the city.

Of course when special days came along you could always board the 94 crosstown bus to Olympic park. Another treasure of the age. We didn't miss a thing and had the best childhood, ever designed. The pool, the amusements, the rides, the picnic area. Heaven on earth.

The world also was real at that time, not the politically correct travesty that our liberal leaders are trying to force upon us. We told the truth, we were accountable and if we came in first or last , that was where we were. Somehow, we coped, what a great world.

Don't ever let our Newark slip away. It was the very best of the best.


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