by Robert M. Hahn


I presently live in San Simeon, California, but have a heritage reaching back to Vailsburg from my birth in 1928 to my leaving for California in 1964. I returned to New Jersey in 2003 for a nostalgia trip.

I came across your WEB site accidentally this Christmas while "net surfing".

I have many great memories of the Vailsburg section where I lived and attended Sacred Heart Grammar School with a graduation from that school in 1942. (The graduation program shows me as one of the three or four boys who received the coveted "highest honors" award. My name was listed with asterisks to indicate that.

I have a mental warehouse of memories of Vailsburg among them, not necessarily in sequence but in random order:

Marquire's* Drug Store at San ford and South Orange Avenues.

Dr. Torpey;s dental office on the second floor above the flower shop on an opposite corner.

The names and memories of the nuns who taught our classes at Sacred Heart School, particularly Sister Anne Miriam, Sister
Vincentia* and Sister Clara Frances*

The "long" walk from school to Vailsburg Park to play ball on one of its four baseball diamonds.

The Saturday 10 cent matinees at either the Mayfair or Stanley movie houses and not incidentally the long walk home for an extra when the cost was unexpectedly raised to 15 cents.

The Murphy Funeral Home on Sanford Ave..

The Lincoln National Bank on the opposite side of South Orange Ave. from the Stanley movie house.

St Mary's Orphanage.

Priest's at Sacred Heart Church:- Fathers, Whalen, Connelly, Larkin, and Reilly.

In later years, when only 19 years old, we were served beer and Liederkranz sandwiches at Paulie's Tavern located at South Orange Avenue and Richelieu Terrace.

Monsignor Murphy railing against the Green Parrot Bar in a Sunday Sermon which he named the "Green Maggot" in a Sunday sermon
* I apologize for any misspellings and other typos.

If you want to contact me for a discussion of the above topics or any other Vailsburg related topics I am:
Robert M. Hahn <>


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