Vailsburg Leader

by Charles McGrath


Growing up in the Vailsburg section of Newark was unique in that we had our own newspaper. It was started in March of 1949 and it was called the Vailsburg Leader.

Every Thursday it was published by the Irvington Herald at 22 Smith Street in Irvington, N.J. Normally It consisted of 8 pages that were very well written.

The editor was a very competent older woman whose name I have forgotten. I'm not sure if she wrote all of the articles but normal credits were never given. I have attached the front page from May 12,1966. It contained the results of the Newark Mayoral and West Ward Council election results. Both of which were undecided until the runoff election on June 14.

Harry Komishane and Leo Dubrow local pharmacists would also write weekly articles. I have attached one written by Leo Dubrow. I also attached an article from 1966 on a city dweller who takes pride in Vailsburg.

I'm sure other sections of the city probably had there own newspapers but I have no recall any.

Much to my surprise the Vailsburg Leader is still in circulation. It is now being published at 463 Valley Street, Maplewood ,N.J. It's present editor is David Jablonsky

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