Memories of Vailsburg

by AnnaMarie Iorio/Wright


I lived in Newark from birth until age 15. My parents (Joan T Lockman and Gerald A. Iorio) grew up on S. 11th and S. 10th Street between 15th and 16th Avenue. My dad's address was 481 S. 11th Street. My mom passed away last year after living 71 fairly good years and 3 open heart operations.

I remember walking to Alexander Street School and also to Vailsburg High School. I also remember going to Sacred Heart Church, which was a distance from my house at 189 Sunset Avenue. I also remember going to many activities at Vailsburg Park, especially in the summer. My Uncle Ray ( he had a dog named Pepper) coached Little League for many years. I'm sure many people remember him. My brother Kenny used to hang out at Lupos Pizzeria down by Vailsburg Park.

I moved to Northern New Jersey when I was a sophomore in school. It was a rough move, going from being able to get anywhere you wanted by foot to needing to drive everywhere. My parents often told me of fond memories of the ice man, milk man and going to all the wonderful placed around Newark. It is hard to believe that Newark used to be such a wonderful place to live.

I remember the big flood on 18th avenue when everything was floating down from Sanford Avenue. The Pool House at the corner of West End Avenue and 18th Avenue was open and guys were playing pool with their pants rolled up. People were literally swimming in the streets. I don't think it ever happened again and I don't remember what year it was.

I also remember the year the teachers were on strike for 3 months, I believe it was 1971 or 1972. We went to school and just hung around and did nothing. Sad, but true.

Well, it was nice sharing memories.


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