Vailsburg Memories

by Richard Wassmer


in regards to vailsburg memories part 2 the author Mr. Przybylowicz refers to a gentleman who always was sitting in a wheelchair in front of Zigler's newsstand & the Sunny Bee's gift shop on South Orange Ave & North Munn Ave. That gentleman was most likely to be my grandfather, Mr. Arch Terwilliger. He, like our family, resided in the Bradley Courts housing projects. Our family resided at the time at 54 North Munn Ave apt # 6 and my grandparents resided at 72 North Munn Ave apt # 12.

It was my duty in the summer months when i was not attending school at Alexander Street School was to push him up to the corner of So. Orange Ave & North Munn Ave in front of Zigler's & Sunny Bee's to get his Star-Ledger & the N. Y. Daily News. He read them while he was waiting for his friends to come by and give him a hand to get into Lynch's Bar so he could drink his fill of Carling's Black Label or Pabst beer with a few shots of schnapps. Then his friends would take him back home again to make sure grandpa would get home safely.

My grandpa was a PSCT bus/streetcar operator working out of the old Lake St. garage. He retired on his pension from PSCT & the union.

He lost the use of his legs in later life due to a old World War I injury hence the reason he was in a wheelchair. He had to drink to kill the pains in his legs due to the fact the doctors at the East Orange V. A. Hospital would not give him anything for the pain.

in closing I discovered your site a few months ago but before I e-mailed you I had to check with my sister who is the family historian to make sure my facts were correct. As for myself, after being discharged from the navy in 1978 I started a career as a bus/streetcar operator like my grandpa in a most beautiful city called San Francisco where they have 14 Newark pcc cars from the # 7 city subway along with 27 pcc cars from Philadelphia. You can check them out on the net @ the market street railway co. web site at any time.

At the present time I am retired and reside in Long Beach, CA.



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