by Sue Schaefer/D'Amato


This is in reference to Riccardi who mentioned places on South Orange Avenue. I was wondering what years you were there.

I was born in 1949 on Cedar Avenue. On the corner of our block and South Orange Avenue was a florist (Tony Arnolds). Across the Avenue was a shoe maker, any one remember his name? I remember mom and dad dragging me there to stand in long lines when it was time to Vote. On the same block as the florist was an A&P (before they moved up the Avenue) and "Dorrflingers" old fashioned candy store. They had dark hard wood floors, on the right was glass cabinets of penny candy, and in the back they served ice cream sundae's in the fluted glasses.

You also mentioned Boylan Street pool. Do you remember the lemon ice stand on the avenue near it? Toms Pork store started out in a very little store across the street, you could only get about 4 people in it. I like watching them wrap the boxes up in string, and the fresh taste of the ravioli. There were two 5 & Dime stores on the Avenue. The Lincoln, and the Merrit. There was also a yarn shop where you could buy hanks of yarn, and they would color it for you and put it on a machine to form a ball. They had a lot of thread for edgings on handkerchiefs too. Can't recall the name of it.

I also went to Alexander street school. In fact the graduation picture on the web site is from my class of 1964. 

Ohhhhhhh to have Newark back the way it was !!!


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