by Joe Ricciardi


I was born on Boylan Street next to the pool. Then I spent 10 years on Vermont Ave. I was pretty young at the time but I remember so much now after reading these memories. I went to Alexander Street School. My uncles and cousins all worked at Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer, where the big bottle is. I remember Ralph's Candy Store on the corner of South Orange Ave and Vermont, Tom's Pork Store, Sweenies Deli, the round table owned by the Campasi's. How bout Flukie the barber?...Pizza carosale. The doggie park, the Dairy Queen on the corner?

I spent most of my life on South Orange Ave up untill 1990 or so. I hung in a social club next to Scared Heart Church every day. Anybody remember Billy Miller? What a charactor. I drove through the old hood about 4 years ago and couldn't believe it. How things change. I have a 4 year old son now and will never get the education I did growing up in Newark, maybe that's a good thing?

I now live in Scottsdale AZ, it's beautiful here. But I really miss the old days in Vailsburg.

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