by John Desranleau


When my family lived in the West Ward - Vailsburg was a heaven
When we would walk out of the West Ward going underneath the Garden State Parkway - You were in the gateway of Vailsburg

Perfectly Safe passage way from then on

You were greeted by Vailsburg Park - Good time always - Patroled by Officer Murphy - No Shenanigans allowed there! = Totally Safe and enjoyable park.

Across the Street the Modern Marvel Ultra Modern Food Fair standing tall

Then all the wonderful Mom and Pop stores - Bakeries - Paint stores - Etc
Just a Americana Main Street type of thoroughfare - A real joy to walk.

I attended Vailsburg HS and the 3 years I went there I can count on one hand the times I took the bus back home - Vailsburg was so nice and safe it was a sheer joy to walk home from there. (Nothing Like the West Ward that had gone to Hell by then)

I too lived in Vailsburg in the early 70's
It was so lovely - The King super market and all the well kept homes there. Who can ask for anything more.

I appreciated it so much but had a fear that it might not last.
(Having seen what happen to my old neighborhood)
By 1979 - The year I moved out the cracks were well established.

By mid-80's it was all over - Walking my young daughter's on a revisit to go see my old landlady were were stoned by marauders on Kerrigan Blvd.

It was so sad to see it today - To me it's gone - What a shame!
Well the people that lived there had it nicer then most of Newarker for awhile then - they came the inevitable

I'm sure the ones that grew up there realize what they Once Had For You's that grew up there - Keep the memories - that's all you have left

Like the Doo Wop Group The Earls Sang "Re-mem-mem, re-mem-mem-mem-ber Then Then Remember Then"


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