Pat's Deli

by Charles McGrath


Pat's Delicatessen was located on the corner of Sandford Avenue and Silver Street. It was formerly called Martin's Delicatessen. Martin sold it to Pat around 1949. Pat was an Assistant Manager for A&P prior to buying the Deli.

Pat was a very friendly man and one of his famous sayings was "son of a sea -cook ". To myself and the twenty other guys I hung out with he was like an older brother. Pat allowed us to use his back room as a clubhouse. Because of his generosity many of us stayed out of trouble. As a matter of fact thanks to him all of us did.

His store was an integral part of Vailsburg. Pat's Deli was very important as were all the delicatessens back in the 1950's. This was prior to the convenience stores ( 7 Eleven ,Wa Wa ). In the evening and on Sunday there were no supermarkets open. Most stores were closed especially on Sunday, But Pat's was open!

I was just looking at the Origin of Illustrious Men by Mark Twain. In it he refers to Henry Jones as the "son of a sea-cook." He also refers to Ed Jones as a "son of a gun." I never knew the origin of those sayings until now.

Pat Mauriello passed away last Spring. He was around 90 years of age. I and many others owe a great deal to Pat. I hope he realized our silent appreciation.

Thanks Pat !

I can just see him looking down at us with a big smile. And saying "son of sea -cook".


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