Sunday Evening Ritual

by Dave Eccles


I was born in 1936 & raised in Kearny, just a short #40 bus ride across the Passaic River to downtown Newark.

1. 1944 - 1945 - Almost every Sunday evening, my uncle Herb & I would head for Nedick's at Broad & Market for a delicious hot dog & orange drink, then diagonally south on Broad St. to the NewsReel Theater so he could catch up on the WWII News from Pathe & I could catch up on the Cartoons.. (Any Bond's Today ?)

2. 1945 -1946 - My poor sister Edith (Bobby Socker), had to drag me along with her every other Saturday morning to Bambergers' where she and a hundred other screaming teenagers swooned to the musical lyrics sung by some scrawny singer named Frankie Sinatra !!!

3. 1947 - 1948 - My own musical talents were on display when I joined the Boy's Choir at Trinity (Non Denominational) Church on Broad Street. I was a twelve year old "professional" since the Church reimbursed us for gown maintenance & carfare (two practice nights and Sunday service)

4. 1950's Downtown Newark THE place to take your date on Saturday Nite,, (or Olympic Park !!) So many movie houses, so many places to grab a bite,, Who needed "The City" ???

5. Among my fondest memories of my Newark adventures is The Newark Museum... You had to pass within reach of a Great Giant Bear that guarded the staircase to the downstairs children's rooms..
I didn't care how many times they told me it was "stuffed", I felt sure that I might become a part of the "stuffing" every time I raced by it !! Heady Stuff for a eight year old.

6. After serving in the USN 1954 - 1958, I worked in the Gateway section of Newark (McCarter/Market) for the next 30 years before being relocated to NYC.


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