The Newark i remember!

by April Thompson


I remember back in the late seventies when my mother and step-father used to take me and my sisters to the Adams theater. I remember the first movie we saw there. It was Denzel Washington in his first major film, "Carbon Copy". from that week on we made it a tradition.

Every Sunday night we would head downtown to the Adams theater and see a movie. I remember seeing many Karate movies at the Adams. Boy, those were the times!

Even though those were very good times for me, my most vivid and special moment was when me and my sister went to the Paramount Theater on Market Street when I was just thirteen years old. We saw "purple Rain". My step-father gave us the money to catch the 34 bus downtown and back. That was the beginning of my fascination for prince. Till this day i am a HUGE fan of Prince and I will always be a HUGE fan of Prince, and i thank the Newark Paramount theater for that.


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