The way we were!

by Angie Fearon


Whenever I think of Newark, Downtown Newark always comes to my mind first and foremost! I remember the beautiful movie theatres, the Leow's, the Paramount. I remember when the Paramount closed down and soon the closing of the Leow's Theatre followed. To me that was the beginning of the end for the Newark I knew and loved. I don't care how many multiplexes are built, the beauty of these theatres will never be replaced.

I remember the Halloween parades on Broad Street. I remember New Year's Eve, everyone would be Downtown and having a great time! I remember the friendliness of the people, to the police officers and the merchants. Remember the Branford Theatre! That did not have the grandeur of the Leow's or the Paramount, but I spent many Saturday afternoons there, too!

I'm so glad Hobby's is still there on Branford Place! It makes me feel a part of the Old Newark still remains! And the shopping!! Our Mom loved hopping on the bus with my sister and I in tow and spending a whole afternoon shopping at Downtown Newark! Remember Bamberger's and their bargain basement! Remember Hahnes and Kresge's! What my sister and I loved most was Mom always made a last stop at McCrory's for a Charlotte Rouse!! Talk about heaven! I can't even find a charlotte rouse any more! Sometimes we would stop at Woolworth's for a hot dog and soda...and, after we moved out of Newark, I felt I was moving to another country! Thank goodness it turned out to be only a bus ride away because my first job was working at Woolworth's! I remember after work, the guys would walk us to the Waldorf Cafeteria...remember the Waldorf Cafeteria, for coffee and pie and then walk us to our bus stops and wait for us gals to get on our buses! Who does that anymore!!

And today, I still work in Newark and keep looking for my old Newark! Talk about memories, I remember when there was no University Hospital. I remember the old Newark Hospital, then it became Martland Medical Center, then City Hospital. Some progress is good, that's for sure, but some ain't!

Oh, by the way, does anyone remember the best eatery in Newark. The original Stuckey's on Bergen Street! Mom and Dad liked eating there at least one Sunday out of each month! I have more, but that's another entry! Thanks for this opportunity!


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