Novelty Bar and Grill

by Janet Thieberger


My father had a printing business on the 5th floor of 216 Market Street. A rickety elevator brought us up to his place, brown splintered floors, rooms full of cutting machines, mimeograph machines, typesetting machines and printing presses.

When I was as young as 9 years, I would get on the 48 Maple Avenue bus after school, walk from Broad & Market Streets east to 216, which was right across from the Newark Evening News and right next to the Novelty Bar & Grill. We would often eat there, usually deli type sandwiches, but the most fascinating aspect was to watch the derelicts who would nurse a 5 cent cup of coffee for hours.

As a teenager, I used to wave to the compositors who worked across the street on the 5th floor of the newspaper. They wore paper box hats. One time, a guy held up a dollar bill, and pointed to the Novelty Bar & Grill. I guess he was trying to inveigle me into meeting him there.

People would stand in front of the News building reading the headlines.

I recall the day FDR died....People lined up 4 deep to read about it.


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