Rembering Downtown - It Was a Wonderful Live

by Theresa Koza - Raniero


Remember catching the bus to Newark, riding down Springfield Avenue, going past all the bridal shops. Every young girl window shopped for their wedding gown. I had mine picked, before I had a fiance! Remember shopping downtown. Going in the department stores and seeing all the sales ladies all dressed up.

Remember the smell of the cosmetic counters? They used to mix your face powder for you, according to your complexion. Remember the chimes ringing within the department store. I guess you had to work there to know what the certain number of chimes meant. How about the elevators and the operators. They would announce the floors by what they had to offer: "Fifth floor, ladies lingerie". How about the little hat shops, they were called millineries, I think. They had all there hats displayed on these little wooden posts.

How about waiting for the bus on your return home in the snow. It was just like in the old movies. Ladies, remember shopping in the bargain basements of Bamberger's and Haynes. I couldn't afford to buy within the store, but the basement had many treasures. Remember Fridays, it was pay day. I would go to A.S. Beck's shoe store, you had to have the shoes and purse to match and lets not forget the gloves, they had to match too.

Oh to go back in time. It was truly a wonderful life!


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