by Jill Verderosa

It was once published in the Newark Evening News (remember that paper) that during holiday season.. if one were to stand on the corner of Broad and Market.... at some point in time the entire population of the city would go by.... I remember going shopping on the old Mulberry St. with my aunt.. in particular the loose cookie store which was a favorite of mine.. then lunch at the Woolworth's soda fountain counter.. blue plate special .... chicken chow mein...

As for the theaters.. that was something then... heck when you took a girl out on a date and you went to a "downtown" movie.. you were taking her someplace...she was impressed.. yep, those were the days... I have recently come back from spending a couple of months in NJ.. and although all my friends have moved out of Newark a long time now, I do go back... I drove down Broad St. and the Little is still there.. but all the department stores are gone.... they still have the Kleins sign up... But then I remember downtown before Kleins moved over from New York.....

How it has all changed... made a lump come to my throat. and especially the old First Ward.. that too has changed... went to my old neighborhood and just sat there and looked and remembered everything that "was" there, the stores, the ice house on 6th Ave.... the butcher on the corner of Crane and Stone St.. Don Vincenes drug store 7th Ave and Stone St... Zippos Chicken market and the Sausage Store.... all gone... all changed... progress????????? you tell me..


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