744 Broad Street

by Old Newark Memory Submission


I worked at Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co., a branch office, at 744 Broad St. from 1964 through 1968.

Around that time, many of the insurance companies in Newark, relocated to East Orange, Atlantic Mutual being one of many. Old Victorian homes were torn down to make room for the influx of businesses leaving Newark. The buildings were modern and nicely constructed but could never measure up to buildings like 744 Broad Street. I missed the hustle and bustle of Newark and all the familiar stores.

And I remember Huyler's Restaurant. We would use the lobby entrance to enter Huyler’s for our morning breaks. Lots of Irish and Scottish waitresses there and all with a sense of humor. We would either sit to the back at a table or at the counter to the front. There were also coffee carts with danish/pastries that would appear on each floor at morning break. I remember there was a regular stream of young men that arrived regularly at Huyler’s, from the local recruitment office, to have their morning breakfast before departing for probably Fort Dix.

I remember the mezzanine where I would cash my paychecks and I remember the elevator operators (all male) who were dressed in full uniform. Do you remember the tobacco shop in the lobby at the Academy St. entrance? It’s listed that there are only eighteen tenants for the entire building ?? Could that be?

Several years ago, I needed to drive into Newark. We parked the car in the Bamberger’s underground lot and then walked past the Raymond Commerce Building which, at the time, was being renovated for condos.

744 Broad was a great place to work and I bet just about every one that worked there has left with lots of fond memories. I enjoyed the photo .. the mezzanine is magnificent. I'm supposing that the bank is long gone?


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