by Doris A. Palmer

"If you get lost meet me under the clock. Stay there and I will come for you." My grandmother, mother or aunt will tell us this. There was a large clock in the middle of the first floor at "Bambs". There was always some "lost" child waiting under "THE CLOCK".

Remember when Bambergers came out with the little cups of "frozen malted" ?? In the "downstairs" floor. Oh so good. And the "Tea Room" with all the goodies? I remember the fun of going to the Newark Museum. My mother took me there for a treat. It wasn't until I started doing my family history that I found my ancestors once owned that land. "We" have been in Newark since 1666.

Yes, I remember with glee all the things we used to do in "Downtown". The hot dog stands. The orange juice store. The Woolworth's store opened with air conditioning Playing in Military Park while the adults rested.. .The children of today don't have a "Downtown", as we did. It is sad. I am 73 and have many memories of Newark.

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